Princess, daughter of a King

Beware, Ashley got me up on my soapbox...
Most people who know me would think I would be the last person to talk about princesses. I've been a tomboy my whole life, I'm as far from 'prissy' as a girl can get, I don't like chick flicks or dresses or make-up or the color pink... but I do talk about princesses, of a different sort than in the fairy tales.
It was pointed out to me during my freshman year of high scool that, as Christians, we are children of God, and God is the King of Kings, and daughters of kings are princesses! OK, so this sounds a bit elementary, but I took the analogy further and found some profound truths in this position of princess (or prince, I suppose)

Similarities to the fairy tales
- We're loved dearly by our King
- While we were trapped and helpless, we were saved from the dragon of Satan by the Prince of Peace, swept into His kingdom, and are a part of His bride.
- We've got a home in the King's house waiting for us
- We have lavishly been given gifts by our Father
- We have a crown awaiting us

Differences from the princesses of the world
- We don't need the fine dresses to make us beautiful or worthwhile
- Our treasures- our home and our crown- will last forever
- Even as princesses, we are to be servants

Josh & I watched the only 'girl movie' that I like last night, Ever After. It got me thinking afterwards, how, as women, we want so badly to be loved for who we are. Drew Barrymore, as Cinderella in the movie, was loved for all her passions and interests and who she was- when the prince saw her as a noblewoman. A deep fear we have is to be found out, as Barrymore was at the ball- that we are not the noblewomen we try to be, that behind the princess face is a plain Cinderella-servant-girl that doesn't seem as presentable or as lovable. The exciting part of the end of my story is that King of Kings, the God of the universe, loves the plain me, the one he created, not the strong face I put on, and wants to lavish me with gifts and bring me into his kingdom and his home forever.
The 'princess psalm' is a neat song- actually a wedding song,
My favorite part:
Listen, O daughter, consider and give ear:
Forget your people and your father's house.
The king is enthralled by your beauty;
honor him, for he is your lord.
-Psalm 45:10-11

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