Why I don't question gravity

Something I wrote in an earlier post has been bothering me. I said "I also question alot more than [my mom] does- in my faith and in politics and the world in general." After I wrote that, I started thinking about what I do question, or more, about what I don't.
There are things I don't seek to fully understand. For example, gravity. Gravity is something I don't question. I've seen evidence of it, even before I had a name for it. I've seen its effects my whole life, so why argue with it? It is a truth I am comfortable enough with not to question.
OK, so, gravity was a stupid example. It was an illustration. There are other things I believe in, besides gravity, that I don't question because, in a similar way, my whole life, I've seen evidence supporting the truth I believe. My belief in God is this way, I think. I've seen His effects my whole life. Evidence of Him has always been around, even before I knew Him. The existence of God is a truth I'm comfortable with enough not to question. Other truths like that, for me, include aspects of God's character like love, goodness, faithfulness, and omniscience. Lots of physical properties, like whether gravity will make things fall, or whether water will be wet, I don't question.
Just now, I've been trying to think of truths about people- not about God or about the physical world- that I don't ever question, and I can't. People are the most unpredictable. It's the whole Free Will thing, I suppose. Nature is governed by laws we can trust, and God has an unchanging nature we can trust, but people are a totally different story.
So, end-of-story, when I do question things- spiritual, relational, political, physical, anything- I go back to the foundational truths I DON'T question to try to get my mind around the question at hand by using those as premises. Yay for Discrete Structures, I suppose-logical proofs and the like.

In other news, Campus Manager is causing a ruckus on campus, working smoothly for some, causing frustration for others. Only one student so far has been quarantined, but that means my scans are working, which is exciting for me. We've managed to register Linux, Windows 98, ME, 2000 and XP boxes, as well as a PDA! It's been an exciting time, and, thankfully, things are slowly quieting down. We'll see if that continues.

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FJ said...

Dont question gravity! :) This from your physics teacher friend. You make a good point, and I think gravity was a fine example.
Oh, there arent too many people there yet, if you already have problems with campus manager, wait until the kids come back! Anna isnt too happy with it...


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