Template tweaking

I've entertained myself on my downtime in the last day to play with the look of my blog a little (as you can tell). I need my design-saavy friends tot help me out. Or my not-so-dsign-saavy friends to tell me to put it back the way it was.
Changes of note, besides the picture: The ad bar is gone from the top, and there is now a Blogger search bar which, convienently, matches the color of my site :). I've been entertaining myself clicking "Next Blog" which seems to take me to a random blog. That's always fun, to stumble upon someone else's thoughts. You can entertain yourself too! Oh, and I got rid of the dictionary doohickey. It was beginning to bother me.
Let me know what you think. This is audience participation time.


Matt Wissman said...

My suggestions are to make the photo smaller, so the header is shorter and move the text in the header over to the right more, so it's not right next to the photo. Happy web-designing!

Ashley said...

You should try to move the text away from the picture :-) and add a little more space between the picture and the bottom of the box... so that it is even to the spaces on the right and the top. that's what this graphic design major has to say! :-)

Joanna said...

Yay, thanks for your tips. I appreciate it. Something I've learned this summer is, I have no future as a web designer.


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