Truth in Hollywood?

OK, I really should be heading home right now, and not writing this, but an article caught my attention, and I need to get my thoughts down now, or I won't.
This article caught my attention today. It's from Time magazine, entitled "The Gospel According to Spider-Man". It really doesn't talk much about Spider-Man, more about the gospel, and how Christians are using film to illustrate aspects of their faith.
Personally, I love doing this. I wrote a paper on it last year for my CS Lewis class- about how art and film CAN contain truth, even if it is not blatant, or Scripture, or labelled as such. I'm not the first to think this. JRR Tolkien and CS Lewis, my two favorite authors, both explored this topic of myth-with-truth, fiction-and-fantasy-conveying-the-real-world. I think its fascinating. The amount I appreciate a movie is tied to the amount of truth- about God, about the human condition, about the state of the world- I can see illustrated in the movie. Chick flicks, I've found, are too shallow to make any profound statements or hold much solid truth. Action movies, in a similar way, often ignore or simplify reality to make a mindless movie, but, in my opinion, do better than chick flicks because at least they don't sugar-coat reality. Dramas and science fiction are my favorites. I could go one about the value of specific movies and what true themes I hear them conveying, but I won't, because that would make for a very long post, and I need to get home. What are your favorite movies, and what do they comunicate to you?

In other news, I'm hanging out with my friend from Berlin today, who I've only seen once in the last 2 years. And then off to camping and boating this weekend. It should be a good time.

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