Me and the Political Spectrum

This morning I was reading my friend David's blog, and he linked to a site www.politicalcompass.org. It is a site that quizzes you on political views, then plots you on axes showing a spectrum of political views. What I thought was interesting about it was, instead of the traditional left/right, liberal/conservative line to be plotted on, this site has 2 axes- a "social spectrum" (one side is authoritarian, the other, libertarian) and an "economic spectrum" (left and right). It looks like this:

So, of course, I expected after taking this quiz, I'd be right and authoritarian, like most other good, evangelical Christians. Apparently I'm different. I scored .05 on the social scale, which puts me right on the horizantal line, and -3.62 on the LEFT, about a third of the way over from the middle. Who woulda thought? The publicized issues- abortion, gay marriage, and the like- I agree with the right, but if you get down to the philosophy level, maybe I'm more liberal. Maybe the reason I scored further left than I expected was that, economically, I have a pretty idealized idea of economic justice for the poor- and am pretty passionate about it.
I've been having conversations with my mom lately, discovering that I am more liberal than she is. I also question alot more than she does- in my faith and in politics and the world in general. Its probably my scientific, inquisitive mind hard at work. And I think its a good thing to do. I mean, if I really do believe what is true, questioning it won't hurt it. If what I believe is not true, and I question it, and it crumbles, so be it, I've gotten beyond a lie.

In other news, the bonfire at my house was a hit yesterday. Dr Aguilar called during it and said he'd be home the 15th, which works out well, since it has been decided I am moving into Bergwall for a week on the 15th. I met with Gerig's new hall director today in preparation for events next semester through hall council. Lots of exciting stuff. The first events include annual SLIP & SLIDE and TUBING RETREAT. Very fun. If anyone has any new ideas for the year, let me know.
That's all for now.

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Anonymous said...

Economic justice for the poor is the job of the church, not the government.


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