On raising a geek: The Force vs. The Federation

This year for Halloween, Elliot is borrowing a Yoda costume from a friend. Here, you see him using The Force to stand and walk from the ottoman to the coffee table. 

Here, he's using The Force to levitate a box of Cheerios. I didn't get a picture of the box, sorry- they spilled everywhere.

Something I need to clear up, though- even though he's in a Star Wars costume, we're a Star Trek family. We'll raise Trekkies, without a doubt. We don't even own the Star Wars movies. When he does see them, I'm sure this costume will make more sense to him. For some, introducing your kid to Star Wars is a big deal. For us, the politics of the relationship between the Federation, Klingon, Cardassian, Romulan and Vulcan cultures will probably take a more prominent role in our household.

He already loves the Next Generation theme song!

He makes a cute Yoda, but pulls off a pretty cute Star Fleet recruit, too! Unfortunately, the Star Fleet uniform fit him in March, rather than for Halloween.

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Karen said...

Lol. What a cute costume! Happy Halloween to you guys!


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