Ten Months

Yesterday, Elliott turned the big 1-0 (months). Double digits!

I missed posting since I was home sick with a sore throat and probable fever. Everyone else in the household (well, except for Casey) seemed to not be feeling well either. That didn't stop Elliott! After a late-afternoon nap, he took off. He was everywhere- mostly cruising all the way around the coffee table as fast as possible. Then he started a new experiment- could he get to pieces of furniture he couldn't quite reach while still standing? Oh, he tried. He took steps- just two or three- without holding on to anything. Sometimes he'd make it. Sometimes he wouldn't, and fall on his knees or hands. Even when he fell, he'd giggle, and we'd cheer. He's an adventurous soul.

When Elliott learned to crawl, it was like a switch turned on- there was no gradual gain of mobility- he went from not crawling one day, to full on hands-and-knees crawling the next. While getting his coordination, there were some bumps- mostly on his forehead, caused by our wood floors. With walking, I'm a little worried about bigger bumps, since he'll be falling about 5 times as far (6 inches vs 2.5 feet). I also wonder if he'll "take off" like he did with crawling, or if this will be a more gradual milestone. I also wonder what needs to be childproofed that I haven't thought of yet.

His Tooth Count is holding steady at 6. I thought he was teething for a week or so, but there's nothing to show for it. He's sleeping better at night. He had his first hair trim this month, so now his bangs are no longer in his eyes, and his hair is no longer halfway down his ears. He's eating lots, and taking less from a bottle. I think he'd like it if we let him subsist on Cheerios.

Last weekend, I boxed up the 12-month clothes. The 12-month shirts still fit, but are too short. We've discovered that 18-month overalls don't even fit. Also, where does anyone find the room to store all this baby clothing? He's on his sixth size, and an entire wardrobe is needed in each size... it's getting ridiculous. I need to find a baby boy to lend out these clothes to, and free up room in my closets!

Yesterday, Casey was locked in his crate because I had just gotten in the house and hadn't let him out yet. I sat down to check email, and look, and the dog is now wandering around. Curious. "Unlocking the dog's crate" isn't a developmental milestone I expected Elliott to reach so early, but apparently he had different plans. In other news, Elliott really likes playing in the dog crate, just like every other kid that has come to our house. In and out, open and shut. All day long.

It's been a big month, but I suppose they all have been, and will all continue to be. Watching him grow and learn is so much fun!

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