A friend of mind got married last weekend. (Elliott's first wedding!)

I met Katelynn in high school. She was a part of a PE class I helped with, and sometimes came to the campus ministry groups I was involved in. We had the same lunch period for a while, and the two of us sat together- and this is when I really got to know her. I was (and am!) blown away by her faith, her commitment to prayer, and her ability to overcome whatever hardships and obstacles thrown her way.

And she has way, way more than her share of obstacles.

Since high school, she and I have hung out or talked once every few months, catching up on life. She's been my most loyal friend- and, I, admittedly, am not a particularly good friend when it comes to staying in touch. She didn't give up on me, though, and anytime we got a chance to talk, it'd inevitably be for hours.

And then! A boy entered the picture! A boy I've known even longer than Katelynn, at that. A boy that is also a committed prayer warrior with a huge heart, who has overcome his own set of challenges. I don't know why I never thought to get these two together- but, God didn't need my help. He had it planned all along.

And, then, Saturday, against all odds, they got married. The bride was glowing. The look on the groom's face when he saw her made me melt. These two were made for each other.

I can't look at these pictures without getting a lump in my throat. I'm beyond happy for them.

As a bonus, they'll be living just 5 minutes from my house, and going to church with us! Hooray! 

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punkinmama said...

I don't know her story, but I just got chills looking at their wedding photos.


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