Happy Babywearing Week!

It's International Babywearing Week!

 I've mentioned before how much I love to wear my baby- even now, when he's trying to crawl every direction at once, wearing him will calm him down and center him. It makes shopping and housework possible some days! Because I'm normally the one wearing the baby, and taking a picture of yourself is hard, the number of pictures are not representative of how often he's in a carrier.

This summer, we've mastered the ring sling, and it's my go-to carrier for quick trips. Thanks to my awesome mother-in-law, my ring sling just last week got a makeover (and had a large hole repaired). It now has color! As we've spent time outside this summer and in crowded fairs and festivals, or even at church, I've been glad I haven't had to wrestle a stroller between crowds and over bumpy ground- or carry all 22 pounds of Elliott in my arms the whole time.

The pictures I do have of babywearing are often of others wearing babies (because, again, I'm the one with the camera!) In the below slideshow, you can see how Elliott grows in relation to the Ergo carrier- from not being barely able to peek over the sides, to ready to climb out! His friend Timothy also makes an appearance.


 I love babywearing! 

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