Packed Full

We just had a crazy busy weekend. All really good stuff, just busy.

Friday, Ashley, Paul, and Savannah rolled in, and we got to share a meal with them. They were staying the weekend with us, and we got to chat with them until way past my bedtime.

Saturday morning, I got up early-ish to make a dish to carry along to a get-together later in the day, then Elliott accompanied me to a baby shower for Josh's cousin. This new little guy will be the closest in age to Elliott, of the local cousins & second cousins. I expect they'll be best buddies at future family reunions and Christmas parties!

From the baby shower, we headed home to let the dog out and pick up the bean dip, then went straight to Marion, to a college-friends reunion. The group that showed up for dinner was bigger than ever, and it was so refreshing be able to catch up with everyone and watch the ever-growing group of kids play together. I wish we could have had more time!

We headed home from Marion late and went straight to bed, because Josh had to be at church early-early Sunday. After seeing off Ashley & crew, I only had to leave for church sort-of early, to pick up a friend on the way there. After church, we went to lunch with my friend, dropped her off, and hurriedly got ready for the last event of the weekend, dinner with our bible study group. We still had a few things to pick up from the store & prepare!

Dinner and discussion was great, and we were home somewhat early. After the dishes were done and the house was sort-of put back together, we just collapsed into bed. Big weekend. 'Tis the season.

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Heather said...

October always seems to be one of our busiest months too!


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