Nine Months In, Nine Months Out

Nine months inNine months out.

It took about nine months (271 days, give or take a couple) for our baby to go from a couple cells hidden inside of me to a wiggly eight pound kid.

Nine months later, and he's almost fourteen pounds heavier, almost eight inches longer, and way, way more wiggly.

This has been a big month. He's got six teeth total now. He cruises everywhere he can reach- fast. He doesn't balance very long while not holding on to anything, but I don't think it's too far off. He eats all sorts of things, and gets very, very insistent when we don't include him in mealtimes. He figured out how to clap, and does so when excited with a big open-mouthed smile that is heart-meltingly cute. He waves at people somewhat inconsistently. His hair's getting long enough around his ears that we're considering cutting it already. He's happy pretty much all of the time.

A new favorite game is to open the tupperware tops drawer and empty it, then proceed to spread the tops all over the kitchen and living room floor. Fun.

My baby's now been on the Outside longer than he was on the Inside (as of last Friday. Yes, I did the math.) He's becoming his own person, wanting to crawl away and explore on his own. He always comes back, though, and climbs up my leg to make sure I'm still there- and that I can't move even if I wanted to.

I'm not going anywhere, Baby. Don't you worry.


VanderbiltWife said...

Mine turned 9 months old on the 20th. Kind of crazy to think about how long it seems like it's been since he was born - and he was inside that long, too!! And how much he's changed in this 9 months is really nothing compared with those first 9. Incredible.

Kristen said...

those eyes- so blue!


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