Autumn, so far.

Monday evening, on the way home from work, the weather was perfect. Once dinner was over, I couldn't stand to be inside anymore. Elliott and I went outside for an impromptu photo shoot. Josh worked more on the siding project while I tried to get Elliott to look at the camera and not eat leaves and grass. He wasn't particularly happy with me, but I got a few good shots, with one of his new jackets (50% off Goodwill sale!).

The last smile was just because Josh was looking at him from the other side of the fence. Daddy can get a smile out of this kid without fail. Melts my heart.

He got tired of sitting in the grass, but I wasn't ready to be done being outside in the beautiful weather. I picked him up and we walked around for a little bit, then landed on the A-frame swing in the back of our lot, for him to have a snack.
The snack turned into a nap.
This moment-swinging with a sleeping baby, with the sun low in the sky, surrounded by trees and yard and not another house in sight- was very close to perfect. I savored the quiet, the sunshine, the baby, unsure if I'd get another fall evening like this. Soon, it will be cold (this is why I don't love fall, like so many others- it's Foreboding Winter) and we'll be inside. Next fall, he won't be a baby anymore.

The time goes so much faster than I ever imagined it could.

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