Photo catch-up

Elliott's cruising everywhere- as long as we keep the furniture close enough together.

At the aforementioned consignment sale, I also got him more leggings. I'm a fan. Josh is skeptical. What do you think about leggings for boys? (The filter on this particular picture make them look pink, I realized after the fact. They're red, promise.)

The house siding project continues. While Josh & his brother worked on the siding, my nephews played our Wii. Elliott wanted to play along, and definitely got some important Mario tips he's filed away for later.

The following really grainy pictures demonstrate how all-the-time happy he is. The big, open-mouthed smile is a regular occurrence. Also, he claps now. That's pretty cute.

I cannot explain how fun this kid is. So. Fun.


Josh said...

Speaking of leggings for boys...

I'm with Josh. Skeptical

Heather said...

The leggings pictures will be good blackmail someday when he's dating someone :)


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