Cloth Diapers: a series

Over the last 6 months, I've gotten the question "So, how are those cloth diapers working out for you?" more times than I can remember. I didn't talk about it too much here before Elliott was born, because I wasn't sure how they would work out. As this question suggests, I have friends and family that were skeptics, too. Well, over half a year later, I can say that this experiment in diapering is, so far, a success. Because I still do get questions, I'm going to start a series about the why, how, and how much of cloth diapering. It will be fun!

I think I know as many parents that use cloth diapers as use disposables, so the idea of a reusable diaper has definitely caught on. These aren't your grandmother's - or even your mother's- diapers. They are easy to use, work well, and definitely don't involve safety pins! Also, they are really, really cute.

What kept you from cloth diapering, what is making you consider it, or, what do you love about it? What questions do you have? 

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Denisa said...

What kept me from doing it with the boys: lack of local resources. There are so many options, so much "insider terminology," but 5 years ago, the only thing I could find in stores was Gerber prefolds and plastic pants. And, just as I started to consider it with Jonah, I found out I was pregnant again, and just couldn't stomach the idea of flushing and dunking during the first trimester, when diapers in general made me gag.

Why I love it: a)the diapers are already paid for, so I can change her as often as I see fit and not worry about how much it's costing me; b)fewer rashes; c)they're pretty much adorable :)

That said, we do use disposables at night, and sometimes when we go out (depending on where we're going -- with two other kids to tend to, it's just not practical to deal with a poopy diaper in, say, the bathroom at the zoo.)


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