Who needs baby food?

Summer squash


Sweet potato

Frozen pear sauce (in a mesh feeder)


Cucumbers and toast are also favorites. Elliott doesn't hesitate to try whatever I offer him, but he's not always interested, or perhaps just not hungry. Mostly, I just forget to have something for him around mealtimes. When I do remember, he thinks it is fun! Any other solid-food favorites I should offer?


jes said...

Josiah likes carrots and baked beans! of course, he hasn't quite figured out his pinching fingers yet so I put one in his mouth at a time, but hey, he likes them! oh and spaghetti too.

Joanna said...

I've tried to let Elliott feed himself spaghetti- it's hilarious, since the floppy, sticky noodles don't go into his mouth very easily!

Kacie said...

That's awesome! Viv really hasn't figured out food yet. She seems interested, but when I give her some she doesn't know what to do with it and chokes to the point of needing rescued. Yikes! She'll get it eventually.


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