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The word of the day: Compartmentalization.

I'm not on Facebook. I've held out because I wasn't satisfied that the privacy settings would outweigh the benefits. I've wavered, but not made the leap. Enter Google+. I do everything with Google- email, photos, search, RSS reader, phone number, documents, this blog... everything. I had to give it a fair try. And then... Circles! I can compartmentalize my contacts! Those who want All Elliott Pictures, All The Time can have it! Those who don't care about babies, but do care about social justice- I can share with you, too! I can share news and jokes with geek friends without annoying or confusing my non-geek friends! Parts of my profile can be viewed by family, but not coworkers (or vice versa). Circles! Choice! Compartmentalization!

And then, it has been said... you know the first guy to put his friends in Circles? Dante.

So. There's that.

Find me on Google Plus.

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