Gerig Reunion '11

It is always, without fail, so refreshing to see these friends every year. Now, as our families grow, the conversations tend to revolve around parenting philosophies and hardships, but I have no complaints. Just relaxing in the presence of these friends I lived with for three years is energizing. If only we saw them more than once a year! This year, we got to meet new babies and introduce Elliott to everyone!

Elliott's first swim!

Elliott and Alisse

Elliott and Teresa:

Lately, this has been his typical, wild mood:

Elliott and Michelle:

Me and Ashley's Savannah:

Ann and Timothy with me and Elliott:

Funny story here: So, Ann and David had their wedding 2 weeks after ours. Last year at the Gerig reunion, I announced my pregnancy- I was 11 weeks along. Two weeks later, we got an email from Ann and David- they were pregnant too! She was only 9 weeks along at the reunion, so hadn't said anything. Our due dates were two weeks apart. As you know, Elliott came a little early- and so did Timothy, exactly 2 weeks after Elliott! Ann told me to let her know when #2 is on the way for us, so she knows to be ready :)

And, my two favorite pictures from the weekend:

Savannah dancing in the bubbles. This just makes me happy.

Four friends, four babies, feeding together:

I'm so thankful to have like-minded mom friends. Without their example and support, this being-a-mom thing would be a lot harder. I like that we're on this journey together.

All of the reunion pictures


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