Baby Stuff: The nursery, Before.

We have a 1200 square foot, 3-bedroom house. One bedroom is ours, obviously, with an attached bath. The other two bedrooms are very different- one is 10'x14' and has become the game room and guest room and toy room.

The other is tiny, measuring about 6.5'x10'. The 75 square foot difference between the two rooms is noticeable. Friends have been given a tour of our house and exclaimed when they saw this room, "It's like a closet!" Yes. It is. For a long time, it was the office and then the TV and computer were combined into one screen and moved out of the little room. Then, unfortunately, it became a hobby room/stuff room, with the piano, knitting stuff, sewing machine, and a pile of stuff that had no other home....

Yeah, whoops. Not the most effective use of space. You'll notice, to the bottom-right of the picture, the glider ($25 at Goodwill!)- we had a higher purpose for this room in mind, but have some work to do!

When we're determined to do some decluttering or redecorating, we do it! It didn't take long to move furniture around and make a plan. The recently-purchased dresser/changing table (craigslist score!) sitting in the middle of the living room was good motivation. This weekend, we were gifted a (really nice!) hand-me-down crib (Thanks Matt and Heather!) and, rather than having the pieces laying around to get lost or tripped over, Josh assembled it that night. The game/guest/toy room is now the game/guest/toy/office/music room. I kid you not.

Much better.

I figure, babies are small, so this little room will work- provided we don't collect too much Stuff. We obviously still have a ways to go before Baby lives here, but the big pieces are in place. We have lots of time, right? This little room is our "blank slate"! We probably won't make too many modifications to the room- no big projects requiring protective glasses or anything- but I do expect to paint and decorate a bit.

What nursery decor inspiration or storage tips do you guys have for me? 


ashley @ twentysixcats said...

We gave the smallest bedroom in our house for Savannah, too. :-) I think you'll find that space adequate, for at least a year anyways - I don't have any experience beyond that. :-) You don't need much space to change diapers, and you already fit a crib & glider in there! Once your baby is moving around and playing, you can use the 2nd bedroom for toys and such. The only other thing would be storage for clothes/items that don't fit yet, and stuff that he/she has outgrown. Things like a swing, bouncer, etc. (if you end up getting them) will probably be more useful in other areas of the house. How exciting that it's coming together!

alissa said...

your house sounds a lot like ours, size-wise. you're right, babies are small. there is a tendency, i think, with the first kid, to kind of go overboard with all the baby stuff. honestly, if you have a changing table, a crib, and a rocking chair or glider you're pretty much good to go. we also felt we had to have the nursery all ready like, weeks before the kid arrived, but we ended up co-sleeping for the better part of sam's first year. if you're planning to breastfeed, i would prepare more for co-sleeping than worry too much about the nursery, at least at first (just because co-sleeping and night nursing often go hand-in-hand, if you like staying sane).

the 3rd bedroom is currently our guest room, and it will become bean #2's nursery. it's also mostly a glorified closet. :) i figure we'll start getting it ready once we have our big ultrasound and know what we're having, but we'll be co-sleeping again so i don't feel quite as much pressure to have it all perfect right away.

but all the big stuff is ready, with the exception of another crib...because i don't think sam is ready for a big boy bed just yet. anyway, longest comment ever.

Beth @ The Natural Mommy said...

We had two bedroom apartments right up until we were pregnant with Levi. I still remember the square footage of the last one: 965. Of course the second bedroom was the size of your multipurpose room. And we didn't have a multipurpose room. Unless you count the living room which was a living room/ office/ changing table room/ toy room. And also, we didn't entertain guests as much as you did. (or ever). :)

In our Indy apartment, the second bedroom was exclusively an office and the crib and glider went in our bedroom. (that was before Benjamin.)

Shady Dealin's said...

At the moment, our kids don't spend all that much time in their rooms. They're mostly spaces for sleeping and getting dressed. And you don't need much space for those activities.

Here's something we've grown to love: room darkening curtains. We have some inexpensive sets from (I think) Target. They won't be a big deal in the winter with the shorter days but they're a great the spring and summer.


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