"How are you feeling?"

Baby- and pregnancy-related xkcd comics will be a recurring theme.
There are a surprising number of them.
I get this question often. Every. Single. Day. And, so far, I haven't had any room to complain, so my answer has been "Pretty good!" But in case you're actually wondering...

My biggest complaint is the sinus stuffiness. There's even a name for it- rhinitis of pregnancy. Ugh. I'm used to dealing with seasonal allergies- usually forgoing any kind of drugs because I know the allergies will pass in a week or two, tops. Usually, that happens at the beginning of June. Here we are, mid-July, and I'm still awoken nightly unable to breathe through my nose. Also? The comment "Not sleeping now? Just wait until Baby comes!" doesn't help matters.

Other than that snotty detail, I am feeling pretty good. I have many friends who have had much harder pregnancies, so I know I'm extremely lucky. People keep asking if I've been sick (not at all), if my back hurts (not yet), or if I'm sleeping OK (just fine, except for the above) and I think I'm disappointing them!

From a slightly different angle, I feel better about myself than I have in my memory. I've always struggled, to different extents, with the typical body image stuff all girls/young women think about. Right now, though? I feel like my body's doing what it is supposed to. I have confidence in it. I feel like I'm the shape and weight I'm supposed to be. My skin's relatively clear. My hair looks great. My nails are actually growing faster than I can bite them. I have my energy back after having it totally zapped in the first trimester. I actually feel beautiful, after years of Josh telling me so. Maybe not glowing yet, but pretty. I'm amazed at the way my body's changing, and the way it just knows how to grow another human being inside it, even though it has never done it before. Truly a miracle.

And, by popular demand...

~6 weeks:

~12 weeks:

~16 weeks:

I need Josh to help me improve that last picture. Also, I need to pick one outfit and stick to it. I've got a belly, though! Not so much that someone on the street would notice I'm pregnant, but if you're looking for it, you don't need binoculars! I'm definitely finding my borrowed maternity pants more comfortable than my normal pants (but not 100% necessary). I'll need to go shopping pretty soon.

More later on why my generous friends and family are awesome.


Kacie said...

Love your tum! Also, I can totally relate -- it's like people expect you to feel lousy. Some people ask me how my morning sickness is doing, every time I talk to them.

I haven't had any at all this time, either. So it's like...remember? I'm fine? And I'm 2nd trimester now, so that will probably continue?

I feel so bad for the moms (KAREN!) who has it rough. It's not fair.

Don't let the "enjoy your sleep while you can!" comments get to you. You will sleep fine at some point! It's whatever goes for awhile, but it's not like you never ever get a reasonable night's sleep, or even a nap.

People like to try and scare pregnant ladies. Goobers!

Joanna said...

"Goobers!" You're so cute. Thanks for the encouragement!

alissa said...


I know just what you mean though...I never feel more beautiful than when I'm pregnant. I love starting to show and being all round and cute. It gets less cute towards the end when you're mostly HUGE but I still loved it. I missed my preggo belly after Sam was born (especially because the postpartum belly was...um, different than either my pre-pregnancy or pregnancy bellies). I am excited to be pregnant again. :)

and I always felt great, too. This pregnancy is different because I am more tired (imagine that, chasing an 18 month old all day) but I still feel very good. I had a co-worker say something the other day about how I was in a "delicate condition." Um, no. Pregnancy is just another state of health. It is not a sickness or something that needs to be fixed.

Are you guys going to find out what you're having? when's your big ultrasound? pretty soon, no?

we should get together now that you're back from your camping trip.

Cherie said...

Looking beautiful (as usual!). Much love to all 3 of you.

Karen said...

Such a cute belly! I'm so glad you're feeling good so far. Keep it up!

Heather said...

I agree with Alissa. It was fun being pregnant the 2nd time, but definitely much more tiring. Kevin was 1! I couldn't rock him after awhile because it was too much pressure on my growing Kaden! Pregnancy #1 is definitely the time for the most relaxation;)


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