Decorating a Game Room

We got rid of the old recliner. I made curtains. My husband built a daybed. We painted a cheery color. The next step in this room makeover was finding something to decorate the now-bright-green walls.

Before painting, we had stuff hung on the walls, but it was pretty random. An MC Escher poster and a poster of a large tornado were the dominating elements, and they screamed "Leftover From College" (or, in the case of the MC Escher poster- I've had that since junior high). We wanted a more cohesive look.

Perhaps we are being a bit too obvious, but because the purpose of the room is TV & games, we decided to decorate with board games. We scoured the local Goodwills for old board games, and I even obtained one off Freecycle. I broke out my mini-hot glue gun, and started putting the pieces on the boards in the a somewhat-realistic game situation. I wasn't totally realistic- for Scrabble, for instance, you'll see I just had the goal of using all the letters up. I thought it was fun that Operation is still Operational, so visitors can try their hand at it while it's still hanging on the wall.

The result? Click for a bigger view.

And, of course, we have actual playable games in the room too:

So what do you think? Any classic game we should look to add to the wall collection? The only ones we wanted but didn't find were Risk, Candyland, and Chutes & Ladders. What would you have included?

Bonus question: Any crafty ideas for the leftover game pieces? I've got more LIFE & Monopoly money than I know what do do with, in addion to lots more cars & pieces.


ashley @ twentysixcats said...

I'm a big fan! that looks great! :-)

One thing you could do is put the extra pieces in glass jars as decoration. With Monopoly money I could see some sort of "mat" being made with the money and contact paper - shelf liner perhaps? You don't want to go too crazy of course or it will look cluttered.

You could always put a twister mat down on the floor as a rug, that would be fun! And if you put the spinner thing on the wall then it actually could be played!

I can't think of any more board games... those are all the ones we played when I was growing up.

Jes said...

oh my goodness! I love it! what a great idea! I like Ashley's idea of finding some sort of twister rug, you could even just find color circles of fabric and make one so your floor isn't plastic.

It looks so good!

Kacie said...

That is so fun! What a great idea.

I agree--having some kind of Twister game would be great! A fabric one might be better, unless you could find a clear mat to place over it in that size.

Board games are the best.

Joe said...

What an awesome idea for a game room design. A few other games may be mousetrap and even connect four or hungry hippos although they're not really "board games".

If you're looking for a few more ideas you'll find some at www.game-room-decorating-ideas.com

What A Great Looking Room.


Joe said...

I just thought, you could also add a chess/checkers game to the mix.

Joanna said...

I love the Twister rug idea. We're going to replace the carpet in that room as the last project, maybe I'll look for one then. I know I've seen checker-board rugs at Cracker Barrel, if I can't find a Twister one.

We considered Connect 4 or Hungry Hungry Hippos when looking for games, but they didn't show up at the Goodwills. There were a few Mousetrap games, but I wasn't sure how we'd get such a 3D game board to hang on the wall. Checkers or chess is an obvious one we missed- thanks!

Keep the good ideas coming!

Matt B said...

I think I have an old Risk game that hasn't been played since High School. I'll look for it before this weekend.

The boys have a twister game that is a rug instead of a plastic mat. It came from Kohl's, just watch the sales!


Anonymous said...

i love it! So cute and creative!

Daniel & Teresa said...

Very cool! Maybe you can somehow use card, like uno or playing cards, to decorate too. I wonder if you could somehow make them into coasters.

Caroline said...

I'm impressed! Can't wait to see it in person! Very cute

Kristen said...

I love the room! Way to be creative!

aaple box said...

i think you should paint like a fake frame around each board game with the other colors from the twister mat (besides green)and add in "chutes and ladders"!
also get a coffe table different games built in (go to http://www.allcoffeetables.com/asp/keyword.asp?maid=&keyword=games&command=dosearch )and paint anything white!!! and go to the fabric store and buy diffrent(or same) colorful playful fabric and make new curtans, cover cusion on couch, and cover pillows. i know that is alot but I want to be an inerior designer (might not happen) and i watch ALOT of HGTV! get more ideas at www.hgtv.com

aaple box said...

sorry the website got cut of here it is again

and there is REALLY good game rugs on this site!!!and free shiping !!!!!

aaple box said...

ok SORRY where it cuts off 1st it is "keyword"
and the 2cnd is "dosearch"

Celeste said...

Bouncing over from Unclutterer:

With the extra play money and pieces, you could get one of those lamps for shell collectors and fill its base with the leftovers to use in your game room. I think it's more functional than just having jars of it (though that is a good way to store things like buttons that are decorative which you might also want to use up).

The only other thing I can think of to do with the play money is use it to decoupage a lampshade or storage box for the room, or cut triangles from it to use to make paper beads like we did in arts & crafts so long ago.

Kristelle said...

I had the same idea several years ago, but was a little intimidated until I saw yours!! I love it and am on my way to the thrift store now!! I just have one question though, how did you mount them to the wall??

Great job!

Anonymous said...

How did you get them to hang on the wall?


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