Thankful #4

Thankful that my kitchen experiments yesterday seemed to be successes.

Thankful that this week has been quiet, and that I've gotten the chance to spend some time at home, unhurried, before a moderately-busy weekend.

Thankful that, even on days that I feel like my pants have become too tight and think that I need a good dose of acne treatment gel, my husband still reminds me that he thinks I'm beautiful.

Thankful that I'm going to get to hang out with one of my favorite three year olds tomorrow.

Thankful for the respite from more snow we've had- for a couple days, anyway. Also, for the above-freezing temperatures forecast tomorrow.


James Kubecki said...

You were saying...?

Joanna said...

"the respite...we've had"

HAD is past tense. It hasn't snowed too much in the last couple days. It's been nice to have clear roads.


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