Checking in

What I've been up to:

Not a lot.

I mean, everything I've been up to has been so normal.

I've been doing some experiments in the kitchen.
We've visited with friends- both in our home and in the hospital.
We've spent some time visiting with family.
We've been busy at church.
Josh spent a week studying for a test.
I actually got some reading done.
I went to the dentist again.
I tackled a basket full of half-finished knitting projects- mostly unraveling them so I can use the yarn for something I actually want to make.
Casey's been crazy, probably from being cooped all winter.
This weekend, we're packing meals to send to Haiti with hundreds of other people at our church.

Really boring stuff. So, rather than forcing myself to post something random like "colon cleanser reviews" or "My 101 Favorite Rocks meme" or "Stupid Youtube Video of the Day", I just haven't been blogging at all.

If anything exciting happens, I'll let you know, promise.

Edited to Add:
Did I say I wasn't going to post any Stupid X Of The Day? I lied. Just came across this & couldn't resist. Puppy Picture O' The Day:

Casey, multiplied by 10. Or so.

funny pictures of dogs with captions


affectioknit said...

Loved the multiple dog photo!

Heather said...

I too loved the picture. It made the post! Don't ever agree to dog sit, or you will end up adopting. It is too hard to love someone and give them back. We now have more dogs than children!


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