Jesus in the garage.

This installation was in our worship space last year... a garage, with a note. Can you read the note?

Joe & Mary,
Sorry we missed you! With all of Liz's family here for Christmas, we have NO ROOM in the house. MY kids are sharing a room with Liz's brother and his two kids/ Mom & Dad are in our room and we are in the Computer Room. Glenn, Samone, and their kids are in the Living Room. BUT there is a COUCH in the garage.
God Bless,
If you look closely, you'll see a baby, swaddled in a blanket, lying in the dog cage.

Jesus will come even when all we have to offer him is a feeding trough on hay, or a dog cage on garage flooring, or a frantic prayer in a messed-up life. This Christmas season, I'm reflecting on how quietly and unassumingly God broke into our world- and how much He changed it.


Karen Sue said...

How neat! I may have had to move the bike over my head! Of course, it may not have been any more intimidating than cows and sheep hanging around! We just have no idea...it is beyond our comprehension what was sacrificed for us.

affectioknit said...

I love that story!


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