Still catching up... Thanksgiving

Because, I really need to get this posted before Christmas.

My lovely sister hosted our family and her husband's family for Thanksgiving this year. We arrived at their apartment in Chicago in the morning for a full day of cooking and visiting the 12 family members in attendance.

There was decorating.

And appetizers. (Spinach balls with mustard dipping sauce, and stuffed mushrooms)

And waiting for dinner.

And much discussion of the turkey.

Until it finally emerged from the oven.

The turkey got put into the oven at 2pm, and we ate dinner at about 6:30. After dinner, those of us returning to Indy that night quickly ate dessert and said our goodbyes, although we would have loved to have stayed longer.

Oh, and dessert? A pumpkin pie, with pumpkin from my garden and eggs from a friend's farm. Also, an apple pie that everyone said was better than the pumpkin pie. I only tried the former.

I was glad my sister opened her home to us, and glad to be able to have an entire day with no plans, set aside to visit with family. Also, the food was awesome. Thanks, sis!

After getting home around midnight, we got up at 4am the next morning with dark circles under our eyes to hit a store for Black Friday to snag a TV. We survived the crowds and were home by 5:15, and caught up on sleep for the rest of the day, glad to be home.

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Kacie said...

Fun! And are those spinach balls? I've made some recently and they are sooo good. But what's the dip? I wanna know!

For our Thanksgiving, my friend made a fresh pumpkin pie, but she didn't grow her own pumpkin. It was delicious -- way better than that canned punkin junk.


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