Links and questions

  • From my pastor, @DDRod, "Build your own Teddy Bear theology" at the Washington Post
  • There are times I wish I had the flexibility to just pick up and move, simplify my life, and take an adventure. If I did, I might go live here. And then, on this blustery, freezing cold day, I second-guess the idea of living in Minneapolis. Any intentional communities in places where it doesn't snow?
  • Amazon has a whole slew of games under $10 for sale right now, and we all know I love games! Some of these are classics.
  • The Internet is so much a part of our daily lives, I forget what a massive tool it is. Check out the graphic at Lifehacker.
  • More on the new appliances later... but we sold our old stove to a lady who went to put it into a manufactured home she's moving into, and now she says it doesn't work. It was fine a week ago when we took it out of our house- anyone know if the cold can damage an electric stove? It was in our garage for less than a week.
  • What's the latest I can send out Christmas cards, do you think? I'm thinking of making some to send, but I don't know if I have enough time.


Larissa said...

Instead of making Christmas letters, you could make New Year's letters. That would buy you a week. One year, my mom was so late that she sent Valentine's Day letters. :) The thing is, I don't think people really care. They just like to hear what's going on in your life.

Heather said...

Something can nest in it or chew through the wires.


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