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Some friends I just don't get to see often enough.

I mean, we talk often enough, but it's often through a screen, with Google Chat or Twitter as an intermediary. To actually hang out and visit face-to-face happens only two or three times a year. Each of those times, I'm left wishing these friends lived closer and that we could spend time together more often. Right now, the distance that separates us doesn't allow for it. Alas.

Friday, we drove up to Muncie to have dinner with Matt and Alisse, who were in town for Taylor's homecoming and a wedding. Our time to visit was limited only by the fact we had already overstayed our welcome in a two-hour-limit parking lot. I've had experience getting my car towed in Muncie, and it's not something I wanted to repeat. Ah, but what a breath of fresh air it was to visit with old friends! We had seen them just the month before in Chicago, where they live, but every minute we get to hang out is so refreshing.

Last Saturday was packed full with Weekend of Service activities and the corn maze adventure, so, although we had other friends who were in town, we stuck to the Indianapolis area.

Sunday was the big get-together day when Beth and family and Ashley and family both came to my house for dinner. This was the first time a few of the family members had every met! Levi is four months old, and Savannah was almost two months. I was excited to meet Savannah and see Levi again- I first met him when he was about two days old! He was much happier this time around.

Me with Levi:

Me with Savannah:

I think Olivia, Beth's 4-year-old, was the most excited to meet the new baby:

Seeing these friends blossom into young mothers (or, in Beth's case, a seasoned mother-of-three) is awesome. Visiting and talking to 2am reminded me of college days, even if this time around the discussion centered around diapers and breastfeeding and how to burn belly fat after baby rather than the next day's tests. Catching up face-to-face has more meaning than the quick, distracted online conversations we have. Extending hospitality to these families that I see far too infrequently was a delight, even as they put up with my simple meal of pizza and garlic bread :)

Also, holding babies was fun, I'll admit it.

Check all the pictures from the visit:

Friends and babies


Teresa said...

I miss you all!!!!

ashley @ twentysixcats said...

Did I say I love this post? I totally agree... Every time I am with my Taylor friends, I realize how special our bond is and how much I miss it! Once a year is too infrequent.


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