Free Microchipping!

When we got Casey, the details were fuzzy on his history. We were told he had purebred papers- but the people who we were getting him from didn't have them- the previous owners did. We were told he had a microchip. We were told he was neutered. At least the last one was true!

Saturday, the Hamilton County Humane Society held a free microchipping event at a bank not far from where we live. The event started at 10am, and we got there not long after 10- the line was around the building. And it was cold. But I stood out there with Casey anyway, because I knew this was important.

The bank was great- I assumed the event would be in the parking lot, but they actually let the dogs into the bank for the microchip shots. There weren't any sales people going up and down the line harping on term life insurance policies or investment accounts- they did offer a low-pressure pitch for an direct deposit account that, when we open it, they'd donate $25 to the Humane Society- but that's all. Anyway, on to the pictures

Did I mention the line was long?

Also note that the line contains ALL SMALL DOGS. Casey so badly wanted to play with some fellow dog citizen, but all these little dogs either shied away or growled at him. Most small dogs we've met are intimidated by our big dog's size. He's never growled or done anything threatening toward another dog, small dogs just don't like him. Poor Casey. He didn't know what to do, so he did what he does best, and charmed their humans with his good looks and glowing personality.

The one small dog behind us was destined to be a big dog. I LOVE Bernese Mountain Dogs. So cuddly.

If you want your own charming pup, the Hamilton County Humane Society is at a critically-full level right now. See their featured pets here and all their adoptable pets. The shelter had a few adoptable pets at the event, and I met Nala, a sweet, sweet red Aussie (same breed as Casey, different color). She was gorgeous and calm and apparently is way lower-key than our Aussie. She's not good with other dogs, so we couldn't take her home. Not that I'm allowed to get any more dogs. I'm not. But I can dream, right?

Another plug for my pup: Saturday is the last day to vote in Pet Supplies Plus' Shiny Coat Tangle, and Casey is REALLY close to the leaders. Would you vote for him?

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