Numbers this morning

Mice caught in traps last night: 1
Mice caught in traps since July 27: 8
Mice caught by Casey last weekend: 1

Cups of tomato sauce made from overripe tomatoes at my house yesterday: 12
Tomatoes still ripening in my kitchen: At least 8
Tomatoes still ripening on the plants: Too many to count
Number of times I wish I had a stainless steel backsplash: 1, this morning while I was using the hand mixer to break up chunks in the tomato sauce, and watching the tomato sauce splatter all over my walls.

Friends writing about their babies: 3 (here, here and here)
Volunteer spots left for the Weekend of Service: Over 2,000 (Why haven't you signed up yet?!)
Dollars saved at Meijer this week: 55
Dollars spent at Meijer this week: 14
Number of tickets I won to the Indy Jazz Fest from WQME: 2
Times my development environment has crashed today: 2

1 comment:

fullfreezer said...

Ooo, tickets to the jazz fest. VERY fun. not so fun on the mice or the tomato splashes.


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