Not Allowed

Casey is NOT allowed on the furniture- not at all.* If he climbs up on the couch to take a look out the window, I yell at him "Off!" and he dutifully climbs down.

But, today, I sat in the chair, and he climbed up on my lap. It's as if the rule doesn't apply if he's sitting on me rather than the chair. (The chair barely fits me and the 50-lb dog in my lap. He must think he's a smaller lap dog, or that we've been giving him weight loss pills, so now he fits in the chair. Neither is true.)

So, did I yell at him, "Off!" and push him to the ground? I couldn't bring myself to. The cuddles in the chair were too sweet- I couldn't tell him No. I complain about his hair everywhere, but when I get to bury my face in his coat, I don't complain one bit. I love 'im, I really do. I mean, how could you not love this face?

* He's not allowed on the furniture while we're awake. He's figured out he can sleep on the couch at night and not get yelled at. Hence all the hair all over the couch he's not allowed to climb on.


Mary said...

Cute photos, Jo. You AND Casey look adorable! :) Kelley still wants to meet him!

affectioknit said...

Casey looks like a sweetie - it's really hard to keep our Jack off the furniture too - he knows the second we walk into the room 'though...

Kiel Kinnaman said...

Ha ha! We tried to strictly enforce no dog on the furniture and it worked. But it was hilarious when I'd come down in the middle of the night and see my dog and two cats sleeping on the family room couch.

All I have now is a little cockatiel and he comes with his own problems. Mostly, I don't like him walking around on the carpet (as cute as it is) because birds have no "poop" control. But sure enough, there are times when I wake up from a nap and he's prancing around on the carpet.

You gotta love animals. :-)


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