Peek Saves the Day!

My humble little Peek, oh how I underestimated you...

I don't get online much over the weekends. I'm in front of a screen all week, and there's so many off-screen tasks I need to accomplish. I have my phone and my Peek if anyone really needs to get a hold of me.

We were out and about Sunday morning. Right before we left, I hopped on the computer to check email. I had pretty much seen all of it already on my Peek, so I archived it, and we got on our way. In the car, I pulled out my Peek to clear off the already-read emails, and one jumped out at me. "Ebay User ID Reminder". It was definitely from Ebay, and definitely had our Ebay ID in the email- so it wasn't spam. The real mystery was, this email, now sitting on my Peek, never appeared in our email box. At least, it wasn't there a few minutes earlier when I checked before we left the house. Josh didn't request our Ebay user ID and neither did I- we both know what it is.

I get home and hop on the computer. The Ebay message is nowhere to be found in Gmail- not in the inbox, not archived, not in the trash. According to my Peek, it was sent at 10:30 the previous night- when neither of us were on the computer. The only conclusion I could come to was, someone had our email password, requested our Ebay ID, then deleted the resulting email, and deleted it from the trash. I can only assume they wanted to try to see if our Ebay password was the same as our email password, to get them into our Ebay account as well. Obviously I changed our email password, and Josh changed our Ebay password too, just to be safe.

I'm a tad freaked out that someone could get in our email account, but without my Peek, I would have never known the intruder was there. The Ebay User ID request email would have been deleted and out of sight. Our email password would not be changed, and the stranger would still have access. Because ALL my email, regardless of what I do with it in my Gmail box, gets forwarded to my Peek, I don't miss any of it. And, you better believe, I'll be paying attention to it for now on!

Peek FTW!

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affectioknit said...

Wow - that's a scary story...


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