Garden Update

  • I harvested all the carrots, and they're prettier than last year's.
  • The pea harvest came and went and only gave us a few meals worth of peas. Very disappointing.
  • I harvested 2 heads of broccoli a little while back, and I got around to cooking them last night- only to discover (once they were on the table) that they were full of worms.  Not at all what you want to see on your table. Gross gross gross.
  • I harvested on absolutely huge cucumber yesterday. Learned my lesson: I need to check for cucumbers more often. I figured since there was one very-overripe cucumber, that there'd be some ripe ones, too. No such luck.
  • Also, I think I have squash bugs attacking the cucumbers already- the leaves are already starting to turn yellow. I hope for enough cucumbers to make pickles, and, if I get that, I won't be too upset.
  • The tomatoes have flowers, and that makes me happy. All is not lost.
  • I'm going to set out the soaker hoses tonight in hopes of watering the cucumbers & green beans to encourage all those baby cucumbers & baby beans to quickly grow up into full-sized veggies for me to harvest. I'm really looking forward to the beans.
  • I started cauliflower seeds last weekend, in hopes of having a fall garden. Other fall crop plans include broccoli, spinach, chard, kale, and carrots. Unfortunately, I only have the carrot seeds right now. Where can I get seeds this late in the season?
  • And the weeds remain.


Beckie said...

When you harvest broccoli and cauliflower try soaking it over night in a bucket of cold salt water. This will draw out the worms. That way you don't get gross surprises at the supper table. This is what my grandparents did when they had gardens. And the veggies won't be salty but will stay a bright green when cooked.

Joanna said...

Beckie- Thank you SO MUCH for that tip. I'll be doing that with the next few heads I harvest.

affectioknit said...

Your carrots are lovely - so your garden must be too...


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