On Roles

Over on the right side of my blog, I have a list of words that describe me- wife, daughter sister, etc. Which is the most important? It's impossible to choose. I inhabit each role all the time- because I am a wife does not mean I cease to be a daughter (happy birthday, Dad!) Because I am a gardener does not prevent me from also being a software engineer, though I cannot both dig in the dirt and program a computer at the same time. Other roles are less something I do and more someone I am- I am a Jesus follower in all of my roles. I am a deep thinker regardless what I'm doing.

Any role individually doesn't define me- together, though, they are who I am.

Inhabiting so many disparate roles isn't uncommon- everyone is a child, many are a sibling and a spouse, as well. Most have an occupation they get paid to do as well as an avocation they do in their free time. Being so many things- balancing these roles- isn't always easy. Doing or being one often precludes doing or being another, or at least takes away time from another.

So who am I? Where do I fit? Recently, I think I've found a good group- A new blog is starting up today called Homemakers Who Work. I'm excited to be a contributor to the blog- My introduction will post tomorrow, and I'll have a post on the blog every couple of weeks. My blogging-friend Kathie got this fabulous group together, and I'm looking forward to learning from women further along than I am.

Why 'Homemaker'?
When Kathie asked me to be a part of this group, I wasn't sure I was a 'homemaker.' I mean, my friends who are 'homemakers' stay home all day, cooking and cleaning and watching their kids. I'm in front of a computer all day at an office- doesn't that disqualify me? If a homemaker is more broadly defined as someone who "makes a home" and prioritizes home and family, I realize I fit that definition- enthusiaistically!

Why 'Homemaker who Works'?
Sure, I suppose you could call me a 'Systems engineer who cooks and cleans and gardens in her free time,' but if my priority is my family and my home, I'm more accurately a 'homemaker who works.' I know I work with men who would more accurately be described as 'fathers who work' than 'systems engineers who happen to have kids'- and I respect that they prioritize their home and family life above their work life. I hope to do the same.

Jump on over to Homemakers Who Work every now and then & see what we're ruminating about. Balance is hard, and I'm glad I've found a group with similar priorities.


Heather said...

Very cool! I struggle with this balance a lot. It is also hard for me to define my role in the sense of those descriptors - working mom, stay-at-home mom, homemaker, student, self-employed. I am all of the above so where do I fit in?

Kacie said...

"though I cannot both dig in the dirt and program a computer at the same time"

Uh hi, isn't that what laptops are for?

tee hee. Looking forward to checking out the new blog!

Matt said...


Let me know if any of your friends are starting a Rock 'n Rollers Who Play Board Games (And Work) blog...


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