Old view from the foyer:

New view from the foyer:

The piano in the top picture was moved to our bedroom for a variety of reasons, mostly due to two-year-olds standing on the pedals. Without the piano, our longest wall in the room was empty, giving the room an unbalanced feel. After a few configurations, this is how all the furniture landed. I like it, but am withholding firm judgment until we have our typical crowd of 16 people in the house, to see how it works with guests.


Kathie said...

I love it!

Andrea Moberly said...

Looks great to me! Thanks for the herbs, by the way. I plan to get them in the ground today or tomorrow :)

The Farmer Files said...

Like how the red chairs are separated!

Joanna said...

Thanks everyone!

Andrea- I hope the herbs survive! I didn't do a great job potting them, so hopefully they perk up when they're actually planted.

Farmer Files - The red chairs are still mostly together, on the left. One is against the wall, and the other is angled away from the wall, with a table between them. The red on the right of the picture is the red ottoman. I tried a red chair there, and it didn't really work.

I am excited that I do have a good amount of seating for good-sized get-togethers- Anyone want to have a party?

Kacie said...

Looks good! More open. I love moving furniture around.

Anonymous said...

The way it is arranged with the chairs separated, it just says "come on in and join us". I love it!

Caroline Eaton said...

I like the new arrangement.. maybe I will come visit every now and then

G said...

It looks nice and open! I love when you post stuff like this;)


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