At the park

Last weekend, I spent three hours at the park with my nephews Kevin and Kaden. I was already exhausted from the day, but walking and spending quality time with them was so worth it. Biggest thing I learned: Little boys climb everything.

Photographic proof of the climbing:

Other activities included drawing with chalk. Here, Kevin drew himself, then his little brother Kaden, then Aunt Joanna, who is taller than either of them, but has a very short body thanks to the crack in the sidewalk getting in the way:

I was taking all these pictures, so they each wanted to get in on the action, and take a picture of their brother & me:

I'll give then holding-the-camera-straight lessons later- it's kinda big and heavy for little hands!

We ended the day with swinging and, as boys do, jumping-off-swings before dancing, literally, all the way home. Great, great day.

Disclaimer: The one with the I'm A Big Brother shirt on is actually the little brother. As far as I understand it, there are no immediate plans for him to be a big brother, but the shirt is a hand-me-down that happens to have a confusing message on it.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post. I love the pictures. Your long legs are the only proof that you're the tallest chalk person!
Kevin tried to Spidey climb the dining room walls last night until the party pooper, me, loudly stopped him.


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