Memorial Day Weekend recap

Came home Friday.
Did laundry.
Went out to dinner.
Searched Goodwills for a blender. No luck.

Woke up really early Saturday.
Hung laundry to dry.
Worked out.
Worked in the garden.
Made a strawberry pie.
Went to church
Joined friends at a cookout.
(When we got to the cookout at 6:15, most of the food was gone!)
Played my first game of cornhole, ever.

Made a successful CVS run.
Worked in the garden.
Went to a family cookout.
Won a game of dominoes.
Spent three hours at the park with my nephews.
Took lots of pictures.
Discovered that little boys climb everything.

Worked in the garden first thing in the morning, between rain showers.
Went on a search for a bunch of lemons.
Also searched for a Best Buy with a DVD Josh wants.
Actually rested.
Went to cookout #3 on the farm
Ate grilled chicken that was walking around that morning.

Reveled in my wonderful weekend.
Remembered Josh's cousin in Iraq.
Also, I'm tired of hamburgers & amazed I didn't get sunburned.

What did YOU do on the long weekend?


Matt said...

Wow, that's like 30 tweets concatenated together.

How did you do at cornhole? We went to a neighborhood cookout where cornhole is played every time, but I didn't get around to finding a partner.

Joanna said...

So you can tell I pieced together my weekend from my tweets and posted it here? I was hoping it wasn't so obvious. :-P When I started on twitter, I stopped posting what-I-did-today posts, and got a request for them to return, so I'm trying. I suppose using full sentences should be a goal as well.

Cornhole: Josh & I had never played before, and we lost, not surprisingly.

David Swindle said...

It's like a poem.

Anonymous said...

Wow...I'm really surprised that neither of you had played cornhole before. We grew up playing "warshers"(as we Hoosiers called washers(sp?)!
I really appreciate you spending time with the boys. I know they enjoyed having you both here.


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