Signs of Paradise

To be clear, "computer monitor" != "mechanical typing machine." Don't be confused.

What do you want to rent?!

"BEE"ware of the dangers of Pali Lookout

This cookie store in Kailua (where we stayed) was started by Wally Amos of Famous Amos fame. We bought 1/4 lb of chocolate chip cookies.

Given the choice of beaches in Hawaii to swim, I wouldn't choose this rocky one. The signs seem to imply someone would.

Obama the Riveter?

Do you think they train the peacock to sit there all day, by the sign?

What happens when you let LOLcats name a street: 

The Matsumoto Grocery Store shave ice is a classic. Can't be passed up while on the North Shore. I have the same picture of me on a bench outside the store as a kid- back then, my shave ice flavor choices were Root Beer, Banana, and Bubble Gum- each good on their own, but not so much where they mixed. My choice this time, Lychee , Guava, & Banana, made for a much better treat.

My alma mater.

Which of these 3 doesn't belong?

More to come! 
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Curtis Honeycutt said...

Joanna, those are hilarious! It's like a Hawaiian LOLsignz. Glad you guys had a great trip.

Matt said...

Those remind me of this sign we saw in Paris, which we assumed to mean no tall men holding hands with short women. Andrea took offense.

James Kubecki said...

"Which of these 3 doesn't belong?"

Day spa. You can't eat a day spa!!!

Kacie said...

Love these!


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