I'm Back!


I'm back from Hawaii! Here are some quick takes before I sit down & "talk story" with you about the whole trip!

  • The flights out there involved 3 stops, and a total of 22 hours. The trip back was only 12 hours.
  • Thanks to temperatures in the low 70s the whole time, I didn't go swimming once. This was a huge disappointment, as I was really hoping to boogie board.
  • Concerning the above: I worked really hard to find a new bathing suit in Indiana in February - not an easy thing to do!- and didn't get to wear it.
  • Everyone we saw, tourist & local alike, was wearing either long pants or a sweatshirt due to the temperature plus winds. I only packed one sweatshirt for each of us, and 2 pairs of long pants. 
  • Not much had changed in the old neighborhood. More shopping had been built, some stores had moved, but that's about it. I recognized a lot.
  • What I missed most? The food .

Hopefully I'll have pictures up very soon!

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Kacie said...

Welcome back! Can't wait to hear more!


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