Hawaiian (Not-So-Wild) Wildlife

After getting up at 4am to leave for the airport, we pulled into our bed and breakfast in Kona late, close to 10pm Hawaii time (2am Indiana time). Needless to say, we were exhausted and ready for bed. The almost-24-hour trip actually aided in getting a good night's rest the first night, and helped with adjusting to the time change. The first morning, however, I was awoken by a surprising sound. We're in a tropical paradise, right? There should be birds chirping to welcome the beautiful sunrise? Well, sort of.

I awoke to the distinct sound of a rooster. Upon emerging for breakfast, I discovered there were lots of roosters, and hens, and chicks, and turkeys wandering around the bed and breakfast's grounds.

These were VERY free-range chickens.

On our driving tour of the islands, we saw other not-so-wild animals:

OK, I can't explain the zebra.

The more unusual animals we saw weren't exactly "wild"

To end, I leave you with this picture and just one question:


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