That Hawaii thing?

It's like Delta's reading my blog, and says, Oh Yeah! She's traveling with us to Hawaii! We really should call her & let her know her flights all changed.


Got a phone call today saying we're leaving the same time, but getting to Hawaii an hour later. I'm sure the flight numbers are different, but I didn't have those memorized or anything- I'm just glad we have a little more time to find our connection in ATL & LAX.

Our return flight has totally changed, leaving 4 hours later, having just one layover instead of two, and getting in at approximately the same time. I'm thrilled with this change- 4 extra hours in Hawaii, and only one layover to deal with, and it's in Atlanta, an airport I'm very familiar with. And it's warm, which means there's less of a chance of weather delays. Previously, one of the connections was in Cincinnati, where I was worried about winter weather delaying us so close to getting home. No more worries. Hakuna Matata.

So that's that.
Did I mention I'm excited?

Can't wait to see the sites and come back with pictures! I think anyone could take a good picture in Hawaii- whether it be with a DSLR camera of a cameraphone & micro sd card- everything is picturesque.

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Kacie said...

Have a WONDERFUL time!!! Also, bring some sunshine with you to the mainland. You can keep some in indiana, and then send the rest of it my way, k?


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