Major Haircut News

OK, so this isn't Actually Important News, but it's a big deal to me.

I cut my hair.

Well, I personally didn't cut it. I had someone cut it. Josh was going for a haircut and I tagged along because I always put off getting it trimmed and it was looking pretty bad (IMO) and I really ought to get it cut... and then Josh said "You can get it as short as you want." I mean, I wasn't keeping it long for him, I was mostly just lazy about cutting it, and I haven't had it even kind-of short in a long, long, long time- I didn't need his permission to cut it or anything, but it felt kind of freeing for him to say it. As a reminder that I can be myself, or something.

Anyway, I had been thinking about getting it cut for a long time, just was always too chicken to follow through, and this was an opportunity, as spur-of-the-moment as it felt.

Two weeks ago, I was at my nephew's birthday party and this picture was taken (I apologize for the quality- it's a picture of a picture!):

I took this of myself yesterday morning:

Ack! No more braids! And my ponytails and pigtails, while still do-able, are now just stubs of what they used to be! On the upside, I expect I'll be able to keep it healthier and out of my way more often.

I'll get used to it, right?

And now they wonder, what impulsive thing will I do next? Sell everything & open up a Subway franchise? Start wearing dress shoes and makeup? The crazy possibilities are endless. But I think this is enough impulsiveness for quite a while. I'll go back to being my boring self.


Alisse Goldsmith said...

Wow, your hair was LONG! You may have just inspired me to get a haircut :) The new look is great!

jes said...

I LOVE your short hair! it looks awesome!

Kacie said...

Big change! I like! Doesnt it feel weird to shampoo?

Joanna said...

It IS weird to shampoo, but even weirder to brush- I start brushing it, and it just ends, there's no more long strokes (or awful knots!)

Kiel said...

Forgive me if I don't recognize you in the hallway now... with all that hair gone I'm just going to be confused! Ha ha!


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