25 Things

25 Things I Love About My Husband, For His 25th Birthday:
  1. His smile
  2. His eyes
  3. His sense of humor
  4. His patience with me
  5. His thoughtfulness
  6. His support of me and my interests
  7. His willingness and ability to tackle any project
  8. His love of music
  9. His love of reading
  10. His love of Star Trek
  11. His love of his family 
  12. His interest in building things and working with his hands 
  13. His willingness to help with whatever needs to be done  
  14. His willingness to play board games with me
  15. His willingness to pick up & go on road trips or camping 
  16. The way he plays and interacts with our dog
  17. The way he plays and interacts with our nephews and the other kids in our life
  18. The way he takes care of our house
  19. The way he cares for his friends 
  20. The way he lets me ask to go out for ice cream then pretends it's a surprise.
  21. The way he shows affection to me in public
  22. The way he joyfully serves in "behind the scenes" roles at church
  23. The way he looks at me 
  24. The way he loves Jesus
  25. The way he loves me
Happy Birthday, Josh! I love you!

Did you know: Today is also the 4th wedding anniversary of certain friends of ours, who have a certain announcement to make . Also, on the day of their wedding four years ago, Josh's 21st birthday, Josh proposed to me . January 29th is a special day around here!


Larissa said...

What a great list. I really like #20. I should tell Daniel to do that too. :)

Andrea Moberly said...

Happy Birthday to Josh!

Anonymous said...

The good news is every year you will be able to find one more reason you love him....it just keeps getting better and the list getting longer!!

Anonymous said...

Awww....it's so nice to be a witness to happy marriages! :)
Happy Birthday to Josh, and lots of love to both of you.


Daniel & Teresa said...

Happy Birthday Josh. Thanks for being a great husband to a wonderful friend!!


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