To the Windy City

Tonight we pick up friends at the airport, and leave tomorrow morning with them for Chicago (with a pit stop to visit friends in West Lafayette). What's in Chicago? Well, lots of things. Most importantly, though, this weekend, there's a wedding between a certain happy couple, and, as a bonus, there's also a certain mom and son visiting the country. Sunday, I hope to visit with my sister and; brother-in-law in downtown Chicago. I really can't wait to see everyone!

Embarassingly, this is the only picture I can find of the bride & groom, and it's over a year old! I guess they've been too busy wedding-planning to pose for pictures this year :)

I promise to take better ones this weekend!

Don't know what I'm wearing to the wedding, don't know if I have any home acne treatment to look my best, and the house isn't clean for our overnight guests yet. I'll be busy before we leave!

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