Our first houseguests

Now that we have the trundle bed set up, we can offer overnight guests a place to sleep that isn't our couch! Not that there's anything wrong with our couch- I'm kinda partial to napping on it, actually. But some people like to sleep in beds.

I digress.

Our first guests who took us up on the overnight-stay offer came last weekend, and we had a blast! Teresa and Daniel are two friends I hadn't seen in almost two years, since they are working at a Christian school out of the country, in the Dominican Republic. Lots has changed in that time. We've gotten a house. We've gotten a dog. And they have a baby!

Meeting Jeremiah was a blast. He did a great job sitting through church, and a great job dealing with our bear of a dog. He's such a happy, social guy! After he was in bed, we celebrated the longest day of the year with a bonfire and s'mores and staying outside till after 10.

Of course, I have pictures. Not of the bonfire, or really anything much at all- in all the excitement of the weekend, I didn't remember to get my camera out until the end of their stay.

Did I mention that Tree & Jeremiah are exceedingly photogenic? Because they are.


Ariel said...

You got some great shots! And looks like you guys had some fun too! Always nice to entertain!

Anonymous said...

Great pictures!!! Casey looks like he did very good while you had guests. D.

Daniel and Teresa said...

We had such a good time visiting you! Thanks for hanging out with us! :)


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