A weekend to remember

And, the wedding festival is over.

I've only got pictures uploaded from the rehearsal dinner Thursday and the bridal luncheon and rehearsal Friday. The pictures are still on my camera from the family dinner Friday night, the hair appointments Saturday morning, the reception, or the Sunday brunch. Did I mention this was a four-day event?

The photographer, however, is on top of things, and has pictures from Saturday uploaded already. And they are fantastic. Between his creativity, my sister's creativity, and the beautiful and cooperative bridal party, the pictures are beautiful.

It helped that my sister was the most beautiful bride I've ever seen.

Here's proof that I was dressed up. With make-up on! And had my hair done!

The whole wedding was picture-perfect. It was held at the White River Gardens- which was a risk, in the middle of severe-storm season. Saturday morning, it was thunderstorming, but we were trusting the weathermen that the rain would clear up after 11am. When 11am rolled around, the rain was still coming down, but cleared up entirely by 1:30. For a 6:30 wedding, this was perfect! The garden was beautiful, the bride was beautiful, the reception was a blast, and I'll tell more stories when I have permission from the bride, when she's back from her St Maarten honeymoon. My only tidbit to keep you interested until I get around to telling stories: The first thing someone said to me after leaving the garden wedding was "Nice catch"- and there was no bouquet or garter involved.

Caroline and Josh are married!! Hooray!

See the rest of the photographer's awesome pictures here.


Kacie said...

These pictures are amazing! What a beautiful group of people!

Amy said...

Those pictures are beautiful! You and your sister both look so great!! What a pretty bride!

Anonymous said...

2 years
2 weddings
2 beautiful brides
2 proud parents
2 good 2 be true!!!



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