New Toy for Casey

Casey's a smart dog. Since we've had him, he's always known the difference between "dog toys" and "people things". I was worried, because his previous owners gave him socks to chew, so I was afraid he'd have 'socks' and 'dog toys' confused- but no problem so far.

Seriously, though, we'll come home from the store with a grocery bag full of other things plus a new toy, and he'll sniff the bag while I'm putting away groceries, even when I tell him to get off the counter. He knows when I pull out the toy. Once, I had a big trash bag of clothes my parents were getting rid of that I was going to go through before they were donated. Buried near the top of the bag was a frisbee- brand new, so no "dog smell"- stuck in there for Casey. He nosed through the bag and found it. I was amazed.

From casey
Last night we came home with a new toy for Casey from Meijer. He LOVES new toys. He takes them and doesn't even play with them for the first couple hours- just prances around proudly. He reminds me of Lady from Lady & the Tramp, with her new collar- proudly showing it off to whoever will pay attention. Unfortunately, he's also a heavy chewer (luckily only on his toys!) He chewed through a thick rope we got him a few months ago, so we got him another, hoping it would hold up a few months, too. No such luck. He's most the way through it after just one night. Sigh. The only things that have held up to his chewing are heavy-duty Nylabones, and even those are pretty beat up. He has no interest in chewing thick rubber things- so, the Kong just gets used to fill with treats & chase around. Same with tennis balls- he'll chase them but not chew them. He likes chewing fabric toys, but he tears them up, so it's not worth it. I like him to have a "pacifier" so he can entertain himself (though, with his bones, he still brings them over to us to hold while he chews them. He likes interaction.) and I was hoping this rope would fit the bill. Alas, no. On the upside, he REALLY likes it and carries it everywhere, including on walks, which is very comical. Oh! It just landed in my lap. Again.

Do you have a "heavy-duty chewer"? What pacifies them?


Brett said...

Maggie has never been a big chewer. She's pretty happy with a her squeaky cow. When we do give her a piece of rawhide, she'll spend an hour trying to find a place to "bury" it in the carpet, laundry, whatever.

She does really like hooves. I admit that they're completely disgusting and I don't know how you feel about the use of animal parts as toys. On the plus side, they're extremely hard and Maggie's last forever. But, again, she's not a vigorous chewer. I will warn you that they may or may not smell terrible. I'd also recommend against the "flavored" hooves as they may stain carpet.

Brett said...

Sorry. That link was supposed to be to hooves.


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