Trick question

During my high school years, I worked at the local public library. Daily newspapers would only stay on the shelf for a few months before they were rotated out- we did the cleaning at the end of each month, and piles of papers got tossed.

Many times, papers reporting on significant events were stolen from the library and never made it to the 3-month clean-up. Imagine my surprise when I found the September 11, 2001 issue of the New York Times in the throw away pile! I snagged a look at it

Any guess as to what the New York Journalists were talking about in the September 11, 2001?
Thousands of deaths?
Muslims in America?
Airport security?

Here's a list of the top stories:

If I remember right, the School Dress Code story was the biggest on the page. Which goes to show- the world can change in an instant. We don't know today what tomorrow's issues will be, or what will really matter a week from now. When I read articles about fall fashion trends or the best diet pill or what celebrity just had a baby, my thoughts drift back to this front page.
I still have the paper as a reminder. We are dust; we don't know what tomorrow holds.


Kacie said...

So true! The world can really change at a moment's notice.

I can't believe it's been seven years.

Matt said...

I can't believe that there would be a story starting with "Nuclear Booty:" and that wasn't the top story.

It was a different time, indeed.


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