What do you care about?

I've said before I don't want to be a one- or two-issue voter. God cares about people in a holistic way and I should to. That said, I've had a hard time finding an organization that puts into words this holistic-Christian view on voting in a well-thought-out way. Most groups (political parties included) seem to hold one issue over the others, ignoring important issues for the sake of other important issues. Is it possible to consider all of them?

Sojourners just released a PDF titled "Principles and Policies for Christian Voters" that lists out not one or two issues but a whole host of issues we should think about and take a stand for as Christians. You may not agree with Sojourner's conclusions on each issue, but they are absolutely ones that need to be addressed- and need to influence our voting.

This would be a good time to mention an issue that's important to talk about: Poverty. God talks about it a lot. I should talk about it more. I should DO more. The whole blogosphere will be abuzz about the issue on October 15th- wanna join in? Last year's Blog Action Day was about the environment, and I was amazed at the participation. I myself was a latecomer to the party- but I'm on top of things this year. Join me!


Matt B said...

I totally agree. I think poverty is the number one social issue the Bible challenges us to address. Our very tithe is for the church to support the "widows and orphans"

FJ said...

So timely! I have been talking so much about this. I even (maybe I told you this before) subscribed to BOTH extremes to try to get somewhat of a balanced idea. (Moveon.org and AFA)

Daniel and Teresa said...

I was just randomly reading this article and your blog post at the same time!


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