2nd Annual Gerig Hall Reunion

Camping this weekend was a blast. I enjoyed seeing everyone and hearing of the adventures that God is taking each of us on! Some are looking to by houses, some are starting new jobs, some are in the midst of moving, some are looking to expand their family- we're all in different places, but all totally blessed. Spending time with this group was a delight. All told, we had 18 people and a dog show up- 15 of us lived in Gerig at some point.

Already can't wait until next year!

Compare this event to last year's.


ashley said...

I had fun too!

I'd argue that 15 of the 16 of us lived in Gerig at some point - unless you're including the kids, and then it would be 15 of 18. :-)

Joanna said...

I miscounted the number of people there, and I was counting the kids- 15 out of 18 people there lived in Gerig, you're right. I fixed the post.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! We totally had a blast and it was great to see you there too!

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