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Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day Today is Blog Action Day, and thousands of bloggers are talking about the environment on their blogs. Recent news includes Al Gore, the more famous environmentalist, winning a Nobel Peace Prize, and new hybrid cars being released by Chevy. But I digress.

Talking about the environment is nothing new around here. I've mentioned why I care and a couple practical things I do. Over the last year or so, I've learned a lot, and Creation Care has become more in the forefront of my mind and decision making. I look forward to moving into a house, where I may be driving more (because I will no longer live 1 mile from work), but I will be able to grow more of my own food, reduce my trash with a compost pile, and have a part of the environment to care for myself- actual dirt and plants that I'm responsible for. I'm looking forward to exploring Simplicity even more, and taking into account how my actions will impact not only the people, but the world around me.

For lots more, check out my Creation Care section and what others are saying about Blog Action Day.

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