Old Recliner: Gone!

Freecycle's a great thing.

I mentioned previously we have this recliner that's got a history... and I don't know the whole history. I do know that it belonged to my professor once-upon-a-time, then to my roommate, then to me. The recliner is functional- it reclines, sure- but not pretty. And, today, it is no longer ours. It was toted away by a happy Freecycler who says she loves it! And I love her for taking it away!

Now, Josh has room in the spare-bedroom-sans-recliner to build us a daybed with a trundle, and I'm super excited. I think he is too- he's sanded all the wood and drilled most the holes and bought all the hardware. I'll have pictures when it comes together- and then, if anyone wants to come stay with us, and bring a friend, they're more than welcome!

And if those same visitors want to help with painting the room so it screams "fun game room" rather than "country stencils", that'd be great too!

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